Breast Cancer

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Breast Cancer

January, 1995 a female, 39 years presented with a 1 cm. lump in the right breast, lower quadrant. Diagnosis, cancer Stage 2. One axillary lymph node involved with no other metastasis. She refused a lumpectomy (though Dr. Ramakrishnan usually supports surgical intervention) and turned to homeopathy. She had a history of painful menses, was overweight but could eat only a little at a time, liked pastries and craved fresh air though easily chilled. She was sensitive and gentle, spirits were low mornings and evenings.

After 8 weeks on the protcol a CT scan confirmed the tumor was reduced by 25%. At the end of 6 months a CT scan showed the tumor disappeared and the lymph node appeared normal. She continued with the homeopathic remedies for the next 2 years during which time her menses became regular and pain free. She continues to be well at the present time.

Homeopathy for cancer treatment in Europe | Homeopathy for cancer treatment in united states

People have believed that being diagnosed with breast cancer means loss of breasts via surgery. Surprisingly, there are women who didn’t have to lose their breasts and undergo chemotherapy sessions to survive breast cancer. Instead, they looked into homeopathic breast cancer treatment and used it. You can also do the same thing. Homeopathy can cure cancer totally and permanently. The conventional medical approach is the most trusted, yet cancer cells continue to spread even after surgery or following chemotherapy or radiotherapy treatment sessions. Homeotherapy is scientifically proven to be safe and effective in curing cancer and other diseases. It’s more comprehensive and investigative than conventional cures because it focuses on finding the root cause of breast cancer. We have had different cases of breast cancer brought to us in our clinics. We were successful at treating all of them with alternative medicine and approaches.

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