Best Homeopathy medicine for heart problem

best homeopathy medicine for heart problem


Best Homeopathy medicine for heart problem, Many cardiac conditions respond well to Homeopathic treatment. Although many lives are saved with emergency surgical procedures there are many patients who are not good candidates for surgery or who have conditions that can be monitored for a time before surgery is scheduled. These people are most likely to benefit from Homeopathic treatment.

Coronary Artery Disease

This condition results from the arteries becoming blocked by fat deposits reducing or preventing blood flow. Correct Homeopathic treatment can help the blockages contract thus widening the opening through which blood can flow. We have seen many cases where 75-80% of the blockage is reduced. Other benefits of this treatment include increasing collateral circulation (expansion of smaller vessels to take over the function of the blocked area) and improving perfusion of blood supply to the heart muscles.

Myocardial Infarction, angina and congestive heart failure respond positively as well. Positive lifestyle changes such as diet and elimination of smoking are recommended to maintain the benefits of treatment.

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