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Breast Cancer

January, 1995 a female, 39 years presented with a 1 cm. lump in the right breast, lower quadrant. Diagnosis, cancer Stage 2. One axillary lymph node involved with no other metastasis. She refused a lumpectomy (though Dr. Ramakrishnan usually supports surgical intervention) and turned to homeopathy. She had a history of painful menses, was overweight but could eat only a little at a time, liked pastries and craved fresh air though easily chilled. She was sensitive and gentle, spirits were low mornings and evenings.

After 8 weeks on the protcol a CT scan confirmed the tumor was reduced by 25%. At the end of 6 months a CT scan showed the tumor disappeared and the lymph node appeared normal. She continued with the homeopathic remedies for the next 2 years during which time her menses became regular and pain free. She continues to be well at the present time.