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Brain Cancer

November, 1997 an 8 year old boy presented with Stage 3 glioma of the parietal lobe, a recurrance. Chief complaints were headaches and nausea. History was in February, 1997 the glioma was operated on, followed by six months of chemo. A CT scan showed the recurrance in the same place so this time the parents turned to homeopathy. The child looked and behaved mentally delayed, was a poor student and had difficulty with comprehension.

After 12 weeks on the protocol a CT scan showed the tumor had not grown. After 24 weeks the tumor had shrunk by more than 50%. In one year the CT scan was almost clear and was completely clear after 16 months from the start of homeopathic treatment.

The headaches disappeared with the tumor and the child grew more alert and articulate. He now does well in school and is completely normal.